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What is the Chameleon VPN Client?

The ChameleonVPN Client is an open source self-healing VPN client / server combo created with the hope of improving personal security and ensuring Internet Freedom for as many people as possible.

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Chameleon Client

A cross-platform, open source client built on the Ionic framework that can quickly be built to support any OS. We like it.


Client Features

Not a problem client. wink wink.

Auto or Manual Connect

Automatically or manually connect to VPN network.

Built-in News Feed

Send real-time customizable updates to users.

Optimal Server Select

Automatically detects and connects to optimal server.

RADIUS Authentication

RADIUS authentication support for user management.

Self Healing

Automatically reconnects when disconnected.

Server Address Updates

Real-time server address updates pushed to client.

Supported Devices & Protocols

Chameleon VPN offers clients for all major platforms, computers or mobile phones.


– OpenVPN
– Stealth (via STunnel)
– IPSec
– IKEv2

Mac OS

– OpenVPN
– Stealth (via STunnel)
– IPSec
– IKEv2


– OpenVPN
– Stealth (via STunnel)
– IPSec
– IKEv2


– OpenVPN
– IPSec
– IKEv2

Chameleon Server

An intelligent VPN server with a built-in web administration interface and the ability to push barely readable news to users.


Server Features

It’s intelligent, ya’ll.

Admin Interface

Web based administration interface.

View Connection Reports

View connection failure reports in admin interface.

Manage Configurations

Manage client configurations in admin interface.

News Editor

Create and push news in real time with Markup editor.

Manage Certificates

Manage certificates in the web admin interface.


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Why we do it

Tony Luce, co-founder

I lived in China for 15 years so I’m very serious about VPNs. I started my VPN business in Shanghai a few years ago. The business grew well but as users we were always limited by the softwares running our services. Every day you hunt for the current best server, and you only tell your closest friends 😉

With Chameleon VPN we are creating our own tech stack to gain control over the tools and services we provide. We are very excited about sharing our technology with whoever wants to build on it, improve it and share it.